Raincoat Steel Fascia Boards

Raincoat manufactures a steel fascia board and qaud gutter solution using Clean COLORBOND (R) steel , instead of using wooden fascia boards .

Why Choose Raincoat Steel Fascia Boards over Wooden Fascia Board Trusses?

  1. Structurally Strong
  2. Free from Shrinkage / Warping / Rot
  3. Steel Fascia Board stays Straight and True
  4. No need to paint fascia board on regular basis
  5. 100% Termite Free
  6. Free from Toxic Chemicals
  7. Easy to install
  8. No wastage on site
  9. Steel is 100% recyclable

Raincoat Steel Fascia Boards / Quad Gutter solution Manufactured from Clean COLORBOND (R) steel Gives you Peace Of Mind. 

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