Our Services


We manufacture and install American-style pre-painted roofing sheets 


We provide an accurate estimate for the cost of your roof (free of charge)


We deliver roofing sheets to anywhere in the country at a competitive rate


We provide free technical advice on roofing application and supporting steel trusses

We offer several steel options including:

Clean Colourbond ® Steel, Truecore ® Steel, Zincalume ® Steel, and Clean Colourbond ® Ultra Steel. 

For descriptions of each type of steel, please visit the Technical Information Page.

     Technical Advice

Our experts provide free technical advice in relation to your roofing project. There are several components to consider with every design, so we take the time to explain each part of the project to you, step-by-step. We provide detailed recommendations regarding every aspect, including materials and structural assessments. We can even build the wood structure of the roof for you.

Our experts will help you choose the perfect colour for your roofing. With such a wide range of colours to choose from for your paneling, deciding on one can be tough. We will ensure that the aesthetic of your roof fits with your building’s colour scheme and that the finished results will be visually appealing.

After Sales Service

Following installation, we will advise you about how you can best maintain your roof. This service ensures optimal operation of the materials used, decreasing the potential for wear and increasing the longevity of your roof. We do not only sell and build you a new roof, we make sure we are just a phone call away afterwards to assist with any concerns, should they arise. We guarantee our installation and roofing materials for 5 years.


Our re-roofing service is the best in the industry. If you want to replace your old roof using Raincoat Roofing Systems, we can provide expert advice for your project and integrated services and support from start to finish. You don’t even have to move out of your building during the process, as our staff manage the project to ensure that it is hassle-free for you.

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