Roof Colours

Our Roof sheeting is manufactured from Clean COLORBOND® steel and comes in a range of colours that will suit any style of building in Ghana

Roofing Colours:

The Clean COLORBOND® steel colours shown on this site have been reproduced to represent actual product colour as accurately as possible.  We recommend prior to placing your order you check the chosen colour against actual samples of the product that is available for our sales offices.

Cottage Green®

Cottage Green® is a rich, deep green, inspired by heritage buildings and lush countryside. Cottage Green® ranks as a consistently popular colour, particularly suitable for traditional housing styles, as well as contemporary suburban homes.

Cottage Green® is also ideal for country houses, with their low, long roof lines and sprawling verandas. Roofing and walling in this colour can also be used on nearby farm or outbuildings to act as a unifying element.
It can also be used as a trim colour, on fascia and rainwater products, to add interest to heritage-style housing.


Dune® is a warm, pale grey that invokes feelings of balance and neutrality. It is associated with the dusty earth of the Australian bushland, the soft pelt of native marsupials, and the textured landscapes of granite rock and stone.


Possessing both strength and warmth, Gully® is deep in hue but also neutral making it highly relevant to residential building applications, particularly wall cladding and rainwater goods. Complex and rich yet discreet, Gully® is utterly contemporary and pairs well with a range of building materials and finishes.


Inspired by the purple-grey hues of distant mountains, stormy skies and the natural beauty of our coastal regions, Ironstone® has captured a new mood for COLORBOND® steel colours.


Containing strong yellow tones, Mangrove® is a very elemental colour and a new direction for greens within the palette. The grey base means that it is suited to these more environmentally sensitive times, allowing a building to complement the landscape around it. With strong influences from the Australian bush, Mangrove® similarly bursts with life and vibrancy.


A rich, rusty red colour reminiscent of Australia’s famed Outback, Terrain® possesses inherent warmth that lends it instant authenticity and honesty. One of the few reds in the colour palette, its use helps root a building within its setting, also allowing for striking juxtapositions when used in partnership with contemporary building materials and lines.


A powerful mid-tone colour, Cove® artfully blends grey and yellow tones to create an effect of a warm golden glow being lit from within. Possessing sandy greyish overtones, Cove® will bestow a welcoming feeling on any building, Cove® is ideal for homebuilding


Jasper®’s inspiration is in abundance in inland and coastal regions, from the barren slopes of the central ranges, the ageing bark on a large gum tree, and the dark shadows on the sand plains to the striated granite outcrops on the coast, this colour is inspiring.


Headland® is the second warm red colour in the COLORBOND® steel colour palette, providing a less intense alternative to the deeper Manor Red®.
The colour was inspired by the inland regions of Australia. It is warm, mellow and earthy and reminiscent of traditional terracotta roofing tiles. 
Headland® has a mid-strength red-orange hue, as opposed to the red-blue hue of Manor Red®.
It is mainly used for more traditional residential buildings, but it also has a sense of friendly informality. 
As well as residential roofing, other uses include garage doors and roofing or walling on carports and garages. It can also be used as walling on composite housing styles, or as a feature colour on fascia, gutter and rainwater products.

Deep Ocean®

Deep Ocean® is a conservative colour inspired by ocean depths and the blue haze of a distant mountain range.
Deep Ocean® is a dependable and adaptable colour that suits a wide range of housing styles, from traditional or heritage to more modern designs. 

It’s a popular colour for both residential and commercial applications, well suited for use in roofing, walls and garages. Deep Ocean® blends well visually with other materials, especially glass and steel. 
The colour is ideal for use in coastal settings. It also works well for city dwellings, as the muted blue is a fitting partner for the grey and neutral shades of many urban developments.

Manor Red®

The deep, rich Manor Red® is one of our most popular colours. It evokes a strong sense of tradition, making it perfect for classic and heritage housing. 
It also works very well on country and farm houses. Surrounded by trees and greenery, a Manor Red® roof looks warm and welcoming. 

When used in a contemporary architectural design or in an urban environment, it is bold and distinctive. 
Home builders frequently use this colour to highlight fascia and rainwater products.

Woodland Grey®

Woodland Grey® is a tried and tested COLORBOND® steel colour: it is consistently among our top three most popular colours..
Slate-like in colour, it is our coolest and most conservative grey. 
It works equally well on a country house set deep in a forest setting, or a slick, contemporary dwelling in the heart of the city. The colour has endless possibilities. 
Woodland Grey® is consistently used with great success in the commercial and industrial sectors for both roofing and walling. 
This colour combines well with other building materials such as timber, stone, glass concrete and steel.


Loft is a tried and tested Clean COLORBOND (R) steel colour. Purple like in colour, it works equally well on a modern setting, or on a contemporary dwelling in the heart of the city. The colour has endless possibilities with matching others colours . 

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