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Raincoat Trusses

Raincoat Steel Trusses manufactures custom-made steel roof frames using Truecore ® Steel. We can produce any size or type of roof frame, including girder, scissor, mansard and cantilever trusses, to meet your design goals.

We provide all necessary tools and parts, clearly labelled, so that assembly onsite is minimal and effective. The frame is then ready for the roofing material of your choice to be fitted on top.

If you would like to roof your building using our Clean Colorbond ® Steel, we can then do your entire roof in a seamless process, constructing the frame and laying the roofing sheets all at once.

We can manufacture trussed wall modules and stud partitioning using the same machines and materials. We also sell accessories and items like purlins separately.

Raincoat Roofing

Our standing seam roofing sheets are made from Clean Colorbond ®, a pre-painted Zincalume ® Steel. The colour is baked on the steel to resist chipping and fading.

We use these high quality materials to produce:

  • roofing sheets (custom-cut to fit)
  • gutters
  • specialist industrial products, such as mineshaft ventilation systems

Raincoat Roofing: The only choice for your roof

Our Clean Colorbond Steel ® offers the highest possible protection against Ghana’s tropical weather conditions. It has been tested over 30 years and results consistently show that Clean Colorbond ® will keep your roof looking newer, for longer.

Clean COLORBOND ® steel contains 5 LAYERS OF PROTECTION 

Manufactured in Vietnam to Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728) and tested in some of the harshest Australian /Asian conditions over the last 50 years, genuine Clean COLORBOND ® steel is far more than just ‘paint on steel’.

1. The steel base is manufactured to meet relevant Australian Standards, ensuring strict adherence to the required grade and strength.

2. The base is then coated in BlueScope’s industry leading metallic coating 55Al-Zn alloy coating, to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.

3. A thin pretreatment layer is applied to optimize the adhesion of further coatings.

4. A corrosion inhibitive primer is oven baked onto the surface.

5. topcoat of specially developed, exterior grade paint is oven baked on to provide resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering and to ensure the finish retains its look for longer.

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