There is simply no similar or equivalent product to ZINCALUME® or Clean COLORBOND®. Only Manufactured by BlueScope Steel. Specify ZINCALUME® or Clean COLORBOND® and do not settle for anything less.

Clean COLORBOND® steel with Thermatech™ solar reflectance technology – A high performance pre-painted steel developed by BlueScope comprising multi-layers of coatings and offering high levels of corrosion resistance, excellence in colour performance and resistance to tropical staining.

Quick facts:

  • BIEC International Inc. (Bethlehem International Engineering Company), now a fully owned subsidiary of BlueScope Steel, Australia is the worldwide licensor of the 55% Aluminium-Zinc alloy coating technology.
  • In 1976, BlueScope Steel became the first licensee to produce 55% Aluminium-Zinc alloy coated steel.
  • The 55% Aluminium-Zinc alloy coated steel was refined by Australian technologists at the Port Kembla research laboratories with proprietary surface treatment technology and sold under trademarked ZINCALUME® steel.

Manufacturing Excellence

  1. Trademarked ZINCALUME® steel with proprietary surface treatment and first in producing 55% Aluminium-Zinc coating technology (1976) with guaranteed  minimum AZ150 coating class.
  2. Over  50 years  producing COLORBOND® steel (since 1966)
  3. Proprietary paint formulation developed by BlueScope Product Innovation and Technology (PIT) based on ZINCALUME® steel substrate to ensure paint compatibility for maximum performance.
  4. COLORBOND® / Clean COLORBOND® has been sold in Ghana since 1998 and is regarded as the premium pre-painted product available in Ghana .
  5. The only manufacturer complying to Australian Std (AS)

Research & Development

  1. Continue to develop and improve product performance via BlueScope Product Innovation and Technology (PIT)  and collaboration with others research institutional / universities.
  2. At any given time BlueScope has 18000 samples on outdoor exposure sites all over the world, which are then brought back on an annual basis for assessment.

Make Sure It’s Genuine

Look For The Brand on the reverse side of the material

  1. Contain branding text at reverse side for product identification


  1. We offer a product/material warranty on a project to project basis
  2. Warranty is supported with exposure samples (>40years) and data collection by BlueScope Product Innovation & Technology (PIT)


  • Thermatech™ (Designed by BlueScope) – Thermatech™ solar reflectance technology is incorporated in Clean COLORBOND® steel to lower surface temperature by absorbing less heat from the sun. In other words Thermatech™ is able to reflect the solar heat off roofing material.
  • Thermatech™ Solar Reflectance Technology – reduces roof surface temperature by up to 6°C*
  • Reduce annual cooling energy consumption by up to 15%*

For ease of reference the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value for African White is 86

* Depending on level of insulation, colour, building shape and function.

  • Clean Technology (Designed by BlueScope) – Thermal comfort is maintained by the dirt resistance properties in Clean COLORBOND® steel.

The solar reflectance of the roof sheeting will be influenced by the amount of dirt staining,

therefore retaining a clean appearance is very important for maximizing the cooling effect of roofing sheets.

  • ZINCALUME® steel substrate – The coating on ZINCALUME® steel comprises of 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. It has excellent corrosion resistance performance, which outperforms Galvanized Z275 material by up to 4 times in the same environment.

  • Super Polyester Paint System and Superior Primer Technology (Designed by BlueScope) – Proven paint durability performance against natural weathering (color fading / peeling and flaking / dirt staining)

Product Specification:

Specification for Clean COLORBOND®: 0.50mm TCT in Clean COLORBOND® steel, metallic coating AZ150 (minimum 150g/m² coating mass), Grade G300 (minimum yield strength 300 MPa), super polyester paint system, 25um on topside and 10um on reverse side.

Fasteners to comply with Australian Standard AS3566 Class 3 or 4.

Flashing or ridge capping should be manufactured from the same material as used for the roofing.

Specification for ZINCALUME®: 0.50mm TCT in ZINCALUME® steel resin coated, AZ150 (minimum 150g/m² coating mass), Grade 300 (minimum yield strength of 300 MPa).

Fasteners to comply with Australian Standard AS3566 Class 3 or 4.

Flashing or ridge capping should be manufactured from the same material as used for the roofing.

Product Guidelines for use of Clean COLORBOND near the sea 


Distance from the Sea

Product Type



1 – 5k

Pre Painted Galvanised Z200

Not Recommended

Not Recommended

Not Recommended

Pre Painted Galvanised Z275

Not Recommended

Not Recommended



Not Recommended



Clean COLORBOND®AZ200 Ultra




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