What Is TRUECORE® Steel?

TRUECORE® G550 steel is a hot- dipped aluminium / zinc alloy coated structural steel with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 550MPa, manufactured using a distinctive blue tinted resin.

Specifically Designed for Structural residential house framing and trusses

TrueCore ® steel standard coating mass is as follows:

Guaranteed Minimum coating Mass AZ150 (150g/m2) – 75g/m² on the top and bottom

A – stands for Aluminum , Z – stands for Zinc 

Aluminium 55% – For better Barrier protection of the steel substrate 

Zinc 43.5% – For Sacrificial galvanic protection of the steel substrate

Silicon 1.5% – Assists as bonding agent for the alloy coating   

Manufactured to Australian Standard – AS 1397

TRUECORE ® steel has Excellent Corrosion Performance

Case study of our house that used steel wall framing, 700 metres from breaking surf shows as follows:

In a closed environment TRUECORE ® steel – AZ150, will outperform Galvanised  Z275 material by up to 1.5-1.7 times.

TRUECORE ®Steel is only manufactured by BLUESCOPE steel

Material warranty is backed by over 40 years data collected from BlueScope global test sites 

Why use wood when you can use streel trusses? Raincoat Steel Trussess manufactured from TRUECORE® gives you peace of mind.  Advantages of Raincoat Steel Trusses.

  • It is lightweight 
  • 100% Termite Free
  • Structurally strong
  • Free from Toxic Chemicals 
  • Free from Shrikage/Warping/Rot
  • Easy to install
  • Roof stays straight and true
  • No wastage on site
  • Fire resistant – does not burn
  • Steel is 100% recyclable

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