What Is ZINCALUME® Steel?

ZINCALUME ® Steel is BlueScope’s Premium metallic coated steel for roofing and walling

ZINCALUME ® steel standard coating is as follows: 

Guaranteed Minimum coating Mass AZ150 (150g/m2) – 75g/m² on the top and bottom

A – stands for Aluminum , Z – stands for Zinc 

Coating is compiled as follows

Aluminium 55% – For better Barrier protection of the steel substrate 

Zinc 43.5% – For Sacrificial galvanic protection of the steel substrate

Silicon 1.5% – Assists as bonding agent for the alloy coating   

ZINCALUME® steel is manufactured to the Australian Standard – AS1397

ZINCALUME ® steel is available in two grades as follows:

ZINCALUME® G550 steel is a hot- dipped aluminium / zinc alloy coated structural steel with a regular spangle surface, a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 550MPa with limited ductility.

Typical Uses – Roofing, Walling i.e. Corrugated sheeting

ZINCALUME® G300 steel is a hot- dipped aluminium / zinc alloy coated structural steel with a regular spangle surface, a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 300MPa with good ductility.

Typical Uses –  General manufactured articles, garage doors, curved roofing and standing seam roofing profile.

ZINCALUME ® steel has following features 

Distinctive Spangle Shape

Fine spangle size

Clear Resin coated

Silver Appearance   

ZINCALUME ® steel has Excellent Corrosion Performance

Comparisons across various BlueScope Steel global tests sites show:   

ZINCAUME AZ150 has at least 4 times the life of Galvanised Z275 in the same environment

ZINCAUME AZ150 has at least 8 times the life of Galvanised Z160 in the same environment 

ZINCAUME AZ150 has at least 2 times the life of AZ100 Zinc Aluminum Coated Steel   

Please note Z for Galvanised steel stands for Zinc 

For increased performance in a coastal environment the coating mass is increased to AZ200 (200g/m2) – 100g/m² on the top and bottom which increases the corrosion performance by approx. 50% over AZ150.

It should be noted that if you decrease coating the coating mass to AZ100 then you are decreasing the corrosion by approx. 50% vs AZ150 material. 

ZINCALUME ® Steel is only manufactured by BLUESCOPE steel

Material warranty is backed by over 40 years data collected from BlueScope global test sites 

How to specify ZINCALUME ® steel 

0.50 TCT in ZINCALUME® steel resin coated, AZ150 (minimum 150g/m² coating mass), Grade 550 (minimum yield strength of 550 MPa) or G300 (minimum yield strength of 300 MPa).

Fasteners to comply with Australian Standard Class 3 or 4.

Roofing Profile – Standing Seam or GT Profile ( Corrugated ) manufactured by Raincoat Roofing 

Flashing or ridge capping should be manufactured from the same material as used for the roofing.

What is the differences between ZINCALUME®steel and others coated steel?

i. A trademarked 55Al-Zn coated steel by BlueScope Steel since 1976.

ii. Generally, perform at least 4x better than GI steel (equal coated thickness) with both sacrificial protection (zinc) and barrier protection (aluminium)

iii. Only produced by BlueScope Steel with minimum AZ150 coating class.

iv. Specially developed surface treatment by BlueScope Steel to resist surface marking (anti finger prints) and superior wet storage corrosion resistance.

v. Certified according to AS1397 which has a stringent coating mass control (guarantee minimum 60g/m2per surface)

vi. Each Coil Contains branding text at reverse side –product identification and traceability

vii. Warranty backed with exposure samples (>40years) and data collection by BlueScope Research Ltd (BSR)

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