Raincoat Steel Ceiling Noggins/Battens

Raincoat manufactures custom-made ceiling noggins / battens using TRUECORE (R) steel instead of using wood for ceiling noggins.steel.  We also use TRUECORE (R) steel to manufacture ceiling noggins instead of using wood for ceiling noggins.

Why Choose Raincoat Steel Ceiling Noggins/Battens over Wooden Ceiling Noggins/Battens?

  1. Structurally Strong
  2. Free from Shrinkage / Warping / Rot
  3. Ceiling stays Straight and True
  4. Fire Resistant – Does not burn
  5. 100% Termite Free
  6. Free from Toxic Chemicals
  7. Easy to install
  8. No wastage on site
  9. Steel is 100% recyclable

Raincoat Steel Ceiling Noggins/Battens Manufactured from TRUECORE (R) steel Gives  you Peace Of Mind 

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